How to See What Pixels Have Fired

This guide explains how to view your fired webhooks/pixels inside your Retreaver account.

We have created a new webhook troubleshooting guide that goes into more detail for advanced users here: Troubleshooting Retreaver Webhooks

  1. In your Call Log screen, once you find the call you would like to investigate, scroll all the way to the right side to reveal the last column titled Pixels Fired.


    You may also view the pixels fired on the call overview screen by clicking on the UUID of a call in your log.


  2. Once you have clicked the UUID, you will see Fired Pixels down the page.


  3. The number of fired pixels in the image above is clickable. When you open it, you will find an even more granular look at what took place.


When the pixel image is blue it is in New status. This just means our bot hasn't processed it yet, then it will turn green.


Conversions aren't showing up or tracking in my external system

If you see pixels firing in your call log, but can't see them in your external tracking system, you'll need to contact your provider's support.


Retreaver records all traffic between our bots and the servers that process your pixels. You can download a log of this traffic called a HAR file and send it to your provider so that they can figure out exactly what happened.


HAR log files can be opened using this online tool:

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