What is Call Tracking



Call tracking defines the process of attaching valuable information to a number/phone call and tracking its path throughout the sales process. This enables agencies to better view and understand which marketing efforts, products or services are driving the most revenue and which campaigns require some adjusting.

On top of tracking and monitoring call effectiveness, data associated with a call can be used to route and direct traffic to the appropriate sales person. A call center would find these tools very valuable in organizing, improving and scaling their businesses effectively.


What makes Retreaver stand out from the crowd?

Retreaver has several benefits over traditional call-tracking providers. Generic call-tracking services limit access to their platforms, usually locking most features behind a paywall. The features they do offer are very basic and non-customizable.

The Retreaver platform is highly customizable. While most call-tracking providers offer limited analytics and data associated with a call such as caller location, number and name - Retreaver offers the ability to create your own call data properties based off custom tags. Anything you can imagine could be created into a custom tag, these tags become associated with a call or number and give you a lot more control over your campaigns and analytics.

Retreaver supports a growing variety of third party integrated platforms, have a look at our integration articles to see which platforms are currently supported. Retreaver allows full access to its API, allowing you to integrate its features into your own pages and enabling very powerful tools for savvy agencies looking to get the most out of their sales efforts.

The Retreaver team constantly seeks to connect publishers and call buyers for mutually beneficial partnerships, expanding your network and creating more campaign opportunities for our clients.

By optimizing our operating costs we're able to pass those savings unto you. We have no contracts or forced monthly obligations and we offer highly competitive pricing models for our clients. Contact us for a quote.

Retreaver also offers world-class support, our support tickets are usually resolved within an hour, many hours faster than our competitors. We are here for you every step of the way.

In summary, we at Retreaver:

  1. Allow full access to our API without monthly paywalls
  2. Provide unique and powerful platform customizability
  3. Expand your network and connect you with other agencies
  4. Offer competitive pricing models with no contracts
  5. Extend a quick and reliable support team

Retreaver is constantly growing and building new features requested by our customers, if you would like to suggest a new feature feel free to contact our support team.

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