How to Set Campaign Toggles and Repeat Caller Handling


As you set your Retreaver account up for the first time, it is recommended that you configure your Default Toggles for your Company that all new Campaigns will inherit, including how repeat callers will be routed.


Setting Default Campaign Toggles

In the menu on the left, go to Settings, then Company, from here, select the middle tab titled Default Toggles.



Changing the Default Campaign Toggles will not affect any existing Campaigns. These settings are merely the default configuration that any newly created Campaigns will have upon creation.


Your individual edition of Retreaver may depict the word Buyer as Call Endpoint.

This can be overridden by editing the Toggles of an individual Campaign.


Setting Individual Campaign Toggles

To do this, go to Campaigns, and click the Campaign ID. From here, click the Toggles tab located in the middle. Any changes you make here will take effect instead of anything configured in the Default Toggles.


Duplicating a Campaign will copy the Toggle Settings from the original Campaign.


Understanding Toggles

Before getting started, here are the definitions of two terms you will want to know:


Duplicate call

A call that is routed to a Call Endpoint (Buyer) in the same Conversion Group it has previously converted in during the De-dupe period designated in the Conversion Group.


Repeat call

A call coming into the same promotional number. The Toggles on the Campaign dictate how repeat calls are handled. A call can be a repeat, but not a duplicate if it is going to a Call Endpoint (Buyer) that is in a different Conversion Group.

Calls from the same Caller ID on a different promotional number are considered unique. Are you routing calls to multiple Call Endpoints (Buyers)? Callers being routed to the same Call Endpoint (Buyer) more than once could be costing you revenue - you can now force your callers to be sent to a new Call Endpoint (Buyer). Just enable the New Buyer toggle for increased conversions.

Default setting routes calls in normal round robin fashion - of course taking into consideration caps, priority, weight and other routing criteria.

Previous Call Endpoint (Buyer) forces repeat callers to skip any IVR and the call routes directly to the last Call Endpoint (Buyer) they were routed to. When you're testing the system and you suspect the IVR isn't working properly for your test calls, check this setting to ensure your caller ID isn't being auto-routed and skipping the prompting you've configured.

New Call Endpoint (Buyer) allows you maximize your revenue while Retreaver routes repeat callers to a new Call Endpoint (Buyer) each time.


Call Recording

This toggle allows calls to be recorded. In the Call Log, scroll all the way to the right to reveal the Play.png button.


Conversion Propagation

When the Conversion Propagation Toggle is on, calls routed to other Retreaver users will sync the call forwarded time (time connected to the Call Endpoint (Buyer)) and will also only convert the call if the call converts on the Call Endpoint (Buyer) Retreaver users system.


Publisher Management

For collaborators that have been invited with Publisher roles, setting this toggle to on allows the collaborator to create and destroy numbers for any Call Source (Publisher) assigned in the collaborator edit screen.



This is a security toggle to ensure that you intended to allow outbound dialing from this Campaign. This toggle must be on for the Programmatic call initiation to function for this Campaign.

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