How to Make Sure Each Call Is Answered


Whether you are routing calls to customer support or inbound sales, it's important to make sure every call is answered without subjecting callers to long hold times and avoiding abandoned calls.

That said, what good is it having the most flexible call routing technology in the industry if you're routing to someone that never answers the phone?

Retreaver provides the ability to Timeout an agent so you can move onto the next available.

Setting the Timeout

Setting a Timeout value on your Call Endpoint (Buyer).

Retreaver detects ringing after a destination endpoint (buyer) is dialed. Timeout allows you to set the maximum number of seconds to wait for the call to be answered before moving on to the next endpoint configured in the campaign.

When you have many different destination numbers that could take the call we recommend you set this value low. That way you don't waste much time waiting for the agent to answer.

In cases where each caller is only routed to one destination (like if you're selling "exclusive leads"), it's advisable to set the timeout value to be 60 seconds or higher since each call is only routed to one destination, giving the person plenty of time to answer the call.

Press 1 to Accept

To ensure calls are answered by a human add a "Press 1 To Accept" prompt to your campaign.


This is a prompt that only the dialed party hears when they answer the call, and they will have to the 1 button on their keypad before the caller is connected.

Like a whisper prompt, you can use it to pass information about the caller to the call recipient using text-to-speech and dynamic tag replacement.


Another powerful way Retreaver allows you to quickly route and connect calls is through our Simuldial. When creating a new Handler (Buyer) group, configure the destinations in the group to be simuldialed.


This will dial all the numbers at once, awarding the call to the first person to pick up.

Use this feature in tandem with our "Press 1 to Accept" and "Press 1 Too Slow" prompts on the Campaign in order to award the call to the first agent that presses 1.

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