How to Greet Callers by Name


If you know your visitor's name, you can easily use that information in a prompt by passing it via our Retreaver.js API. Once you've retrieved the number display script from your Campaign Overview page, make a modification to the query string of the source URL, adding a caller_name parameter.

<script src=" =&caller_name=Jason" type="text/javascript"></script>

In order for this to work, you'll need to have a Number Pool configured for your Campaign so that numbers can be assigned names as needed.

Configuring Prompts

Once you're capturing the data for the caller_name, you can now reference it using text-to-speech voice prompts. All that's left is to Edit your Campaign, and add the [caller_name] token to any prompt you like.


Now, the example above is spoken to the caller while they wait on hold. This may or may not be considered creepy to some people, so we recommend using this token in a Whisper Prompt instead. This will communicate information to the agent just before the call comes through. Then your agent can greet the caller by name in a warm, human voice.


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