How to Add a Call Endpoint (Buyer) to an Existing Campaign


Depending on your edition of Retreaver, you may call them a Call Endpoint, or a Buyer, but ultimately it's who will be answering the call.

Adding to an existing Campaign

  1. Once you have the contacts created in the Call Endpoints (Buyers) section, double check to ensure information such as the time zone, hours of operation, and concurrency caps are all correct.

  2. Go to Campaigns and Edit the desired one.


  3. Scroll to the Routing Settings section and click the blank and begin typing the name or number of the Call Endpoint (Buyer) to add. Retreaver will attempt to route the call taking into consideration Tags on the incoming call as well as the weight, priority, caps, and business hours.



    If there is a Greeting in the Prompts section of the Campaign, then we will prompt the caller to press 1. If there is no Greeting in Prompts, then the call will be routed straight through without prompting or requiring the caller to press 1.

  4. Add the Call Endpoint (Buyer) to the Campaign Conversion Criteria. This is where you'll enter what is on your insertion order if you have one. If no custom conversion group is created, the Default Conversion Group for the Campaign is used.


    To create the Conversion Criteria, click on the green plus button and name it accordingly. Then you can configure the correct de-dupe time frame, the conditions for the conversion, and the revenue and payout for this Call Endpoint (Buyer).

    You can also click the Wizard to enter Tags. From here, you can select Call Endpoints (Buyers), then under Value select the desired one from the drop-down menu, or just start typing their name if you have many to choose from. Be sure to click Done.


    You may need to do this several times if you have individual Call Endpoint (Buyer) that has been split into multiple parts.


  5. Don't forget to Save your Campaign for the changes to take effect!

How conversions work

When the call ends, Retreaver will evaluate each conversion group in sequence, checking to see whether the Tags match the call. If the call was routed to the Call Endpoint (Buyer) and the conversion group is the first one to match, the conversion group will be used for this call. We then evaluate the conversion criteria, and if the call has converted, we set the appropriate revenue and payout.

Check out our article on setting Default Campaign Toggles and how to handle repeat callers!

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