How to View and Use the Call Log


You've got tons of data pouring into your Call Log, it's only a matter of learning to read and take advantage of this data. You can easily and quickly gather all the key performance indicators you need at a glance.

The filters in the Call Log offer a very powerful solution for drilling down on your data, allowing you to filter as granular as you need to pull the data you want.

The call log is fully customizable. The configuration settings you select are stored in your browser on a per-Company basis. This means you can have different configurations depending on who you're actively collaborating with. 


You can click any of the columns with icons to filter calls by Number, Campaign, Call Source (Publisher), or Call Endpoint (Buyer). When clicking these, the following screen will change to a unique set of columns with even more data.



You can click and pull the dotted line between columns to resize them however you like.

There are several columns you will find throughout the Call Log. It's important to know what each means, so below are some helpful definitions.

Via: Shows how each call was initiated. Examples are via phone or click-to-call. The color here represents the status of the call.
UUID: The Universal Unique Identifier of the call. Click directly on the UUID to access all the call details and the call flow analysis.
Number: The Retreaver number that was dialed into by the caller.
Call Publisher (Source): The source from where the call came.
Call Endpoint (Buyer): The agent/buyer who answered the phone and spoke with the caller.
City: The city associated with the caller.
Co.: The country of the caller.
Tags: Any Tags that were added to the call will be listed here as bubbles. Mouse over each circle to view the key:value of each tag. These are also visible in the call details view.
Duration: The total time from call initiation to hang up, followed by the breakdown of the call time into IVR duration, Hold duration and Connected duration.
Call Status: What state is the call currently in or did it end up. Check out this list of Call Status values.
Conversion: Indicates when the call converts per the conversion settings on the Campaign. If using Split Conversions then you'll see two conversions: Receivable and Payable
Rec.: When call recordings are turned on, it will be available here to click play or link to others.
Start: The time the call started.
Pixels fired: When your campaign includes Tracking URLs, you can view the result of the tracking URL by clicking on the number.

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