How to Share Links with Retreaver Support


Retreaver admins will happily assist with your support requests, but we can help you faster and more efficiently if you provide a link to the specific call. This allows us to better help with almost any issue, whether it's calls not going through, or a Call Endpoint (Buyer) not receiving calls. If we have a link, we can dive right into finding the answers for you.

The URL link from your browser's address bar switches us to your account so we can see the exact same thing you're looking at and better assist you.

Linking to a specific Campaign

Is it a question about a campaign? Send us the link by clicking on the Campaign and copying the URL. It would look like this: 

Linking to a specific Call

Is it a call that's not behaving like it should? Just click on the UUID in the Call Log and copy that URL to an email to our dedicated support team.


A link to a UUID would look more like this: 
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