How to Best Work with Retreaver Support



The entire Retreaver team is here to assist with your support requests.  Our help portal assists us in organizing requests, and getting them to the best person to answer your questions.

For the fastest response, Submit Your Requests using the help portal. These tickets get in front of our entire team for the quickest resolution.


Link us to specific items in your account

We can help you faster and more efficiently when you provide a URL link to the calls and/or campaigns related to your questions. Each URL link from your browser's address bar switches us to your account so we can see the exact same thing you're looking at. It helps us better diagnose issues, whether it's calls not going through, or an endpoint not receiving calls

Link us to a specific Campaign

Is it a question about a campaign? Send us the link by clicking on the Campaign and copying the URL. It would look like this: 

Linking to a specific Call

Is it a call that's not behaving like it should? Just click on the UUID in the Call Log and copy that URL to an email to our dedicated support team.


A link to a UUID would look more like this: 
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