Retreaver Webhook Template: Media Alpha Single Step Ping for a Dynamic Endpoint


Media Alpha Single Step Ping for a Dynamic Endpoint[call_key]&call_uuid=[call_uuid]&output_tag_prefix=media_alpha_12345&ping_url={"Content-Type":"application/json"}&ping_data={"api_token":"YOUR_API_TOKEN","call_type":"Inbound","data":{"phone":"[nanp_caller_number]","zip":"[caller_zip]"},"ip":"","local_hour":12,"max":3,"placement_id":"YOUR_PLACEMENT_ID","sub_1":"","transfer_type":"cold","ua":"","url":"","version":17}&ping_output_map={"PingOutputMap":{"bid":"","timer":"call_transfers%5B0%5D.qualification_duration","number":"call_transfers%5B0%5D.phone_num","error":"error"}}&return_ping_response=true&guide_template=true

Webhook Template Summary:

This webhook will attempt to pass caller data to Media Alpha in order to potentially return a dynamic transfer number, conversion bid and conversion timer.



Webhook Template Implementation Guide:


Step 1) Create a new buyer profile:

Create a new buyer profile to represent the buyer/endpoint for this integration. Add a descriptive name and a temporary placeholder number such as "1234567890":


Press the "Create Call Buyer" button to create the buyer profile:


Note the system buyer ID after creating this buyer profile:


For the purpose of this example, the buyer ID of the newly created buyer is "72544".
Your buyer ID will be different - be sure to match your unique buyer ID in later steps.



Step 2) Configure the buyer profile number:

Hit "edit" on the buyer page to configure this buyer. Replace the number field, note that we are adding the unique buyer ID we created in step 1 and using square bracket notation :



For some background, if this tag is not found on your calls - either due to an error, or no valid response from the integration - Retreaver will automatically consider this buyer unreachable and will continue downstream your routing que as normal until another buyer is found. 



Step 3) Configure the buyer conversion criteria:

Create a new conversion criteria on the buyer profile, and configure the following tags fields, and again note that the value in purple will be unique to your buyer profile ID:

The "seconds_tag" tag value should be "media_alpha_72544_timer".
The "revenue_tag" value should be "media_alpha_72544_bid".

This will override the default conversion criteria and instead utilize the duration and bid provided by the Media Alpha API:


Note: If you do not see the "Conversion Criteria" section when editing a buyer
, contact Retreaver support to enable the "Split Conversions" feature on your Retreaver account.


Note: If you do not see the seconds_tag and revenue_tag fields, contact Retreaver support to enable the "Conversion Tag Override" feature on your Retreaver account.


Optional Step: Adding minimum bids / maximum duration filters:
Use the tag wizard to add a numeric tag on the buyer using the seconds/revenue tags you placed above, followed by a "greater than/less than" operator and a numeric value to compare it to. 

Once you've complete the above steps, press the "Update Call buyer" button on the bottom of the page to complete your buyer configuration. 




Step 4) Create a new campaign webhook:

4A) Head to your Retreaver campaign, then press edit to enter the edit menu, scroll down to the webhooks section, and create a new webhook:


4B) Configure the webhook trigger using the "Start - When a call comes in" webhook trigger:



4C) Copy the following webhook template, and paste it under the URL section:
( Triple clicking the text below will select the entire URL )[call_key]&call_uuid=[call_uuid]&output_tag_prefix=media_alpha_12345&ping_url={"Content-Type":"application/json"}&ping_data={"api_token":"YOUR_API_TOKEN","call_type":"Inbound","data":{"phone":"[nanp_caller_number]","zip":"[caller_zip]"},"ip":"","local_hour":12,"max":3,"placement_id":"YOUR_PLACEMENT_ID","sub_1":"","transfer_type":"cold","ua":"","url":"","version":17}&ping_output_map={"PingOutputMap":{"bid":"","timer":"call_transfers%5B0%5D.qualification_duration","number":"call_transfers%5B0%5D.phone_num","error":"error"}}&return_ping_response=true&guide_template=true

The resulting webhook should look similar to this:




Step 5) Configure the webhook template fields:

During this step, be extra careful not to delete any other sections of the webhook, including any critical quote characters in the integration data structure otherwise the webhook will not work.

5A) Modify the "media_alpha_12345" webhook configurator parameter by adding the associated buyer ID you created in step 1 to the end of the "media_alpha_12345" value. This token will help identify which buyer ID this integration is intended for and make troubleshooting in the future easier.

5B) Modify the "YOUR_API_TOKEN" webhook configurator parameter by copying your Media Alpha provided "Api Token". 

5C) Modify the "YOUR_PLACEMENT_ID" webhook configurator parameter by copying your Media Alpha provided "Placement Id".


Double check your work, make sure you did not add any extra characters, spaces, or deleted any quotes while modifying the webhook template. When in doubt, delete the webhook and repeat steps 4 then continue onwards. 

Once you've configured the webhook template fields, apply your changes to the campaign using the update button on the bottom of the page:




Step 6) Add your buyer profile to your campaign routing settings:

Once you are ready to go live, edit your campaign then scroll to the routing settings on your campaign to place in your new buyer into your routing que.


Optional) Make a test call on your campaign to test your webhook:

Using a tracking number associated with your Media Alpha Retreaver campaign, make a test call to your campaign. If you performed all the above steps correctly, you will see your Media Alpha integration response tagged to your calls under the call log & call flows indicating that you are successfully communicating with Media Alpha's API and storing their transfer number, timer, and bid responses. 

✨Congratulations, you've implemented a Media Alpha Ping Integration!✨

For more information on Retreaver Webhook Templates, view our support guide:

Retreaver Webhook Configurator Support Guide

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