Retreaver Webhook Template: Media Alpha Two Step Ping/Post for a Dynamic Endpoint


Media Alpha Two Step Ping/Post for a Dynamic Endpoint[call_key]&call_uuid=[call_uuid]

Webhook Template Summary:

This webhook will attempt to pass caller data to Media Alpha in order to potentially return a dynamic transfer number, conversion bid and conversion timer.



Webhook Template Implementation Guide:


Step 1) Create a new Media Alpha buyer profile:

Create a new buyer profile that will utilize the returned transfer number, bid and timer values returned by the webhook template. At minimum, add a descriptive name and a placeholder number such as "1234567890":


Press the "Create Call Buyer" button to create the buyer profile:


Note the system buyer ID after creating this buyer profile - we will use this unique value in our output tag in later steps to identify which buyer the integration is intended for:


For the purpose of this example, the buyer ID of the newly created buyer is "72544", but your buyer ID will differ - be sure to match your unique buyer ID in later steps.



Step 2) Configure the dynamic transfer number:

Head back to the buyer you created in step 1 and hit "edit". Replace the number portion of the buyer using the following syntax: [media_alpha_72544_transfer_number]:




Step 3) Configure the conversion override tags:

Create a new conversion criteria on the buyer profile, and apply the following tags:

The "seconds_tag" tag value should be "media_alpha_72544_final_timer".
The "revenue_tag" value should be "media_alpha_72544_final_bid".

This will override the default conversion criteria and instead utilize the duration and bid provided by the Media Alpha API:


Note: If you do not see the seconds_tag and revenue_tag fields, contact Retreaver support to enable the "conversion tag override" feature on your Retreaver account. 

Optional Note: Adding minimum bids / maximum duration filters: As a side note, you could add a minimum bid or maximum duration by applying the seconds/revenue tags on the buyer. Use the tag wizard to add a numeric tag on the buyer. This will prevent the buyer from being routed to unless the tags match with the call: 




Step 4) Create a new Retreaver Campaign Webhook:

Head to your Retreaver campaign edit menu, scroll down to the webhooks section, and create a new webhook using the "Start - When a call comes in" webhook trigger:



Copy the webhook template from the top of this guide into the URL field:




Step 5) Configure the webhook output tag prefix:

Modify the "output_tag_prefix" webhook configurator parameter by adding the associated buyer ID you created in step 1 to the end of the "media_alpha_12345" value.

For our example, the output_tag_prefix will now be "&output_tag_prefix=media_alpha_72544":




Step 6) Configure the webhook template to your offer:

Replace the Media Alpha API_TOKEN and PLACEMENT_ID parameters in your webhook, paste the values within the enclosed double quotes. Be sure to replace the parameters in both the "ping_data" & "post_data" fields with the values provided by your partner specifications:


Lastly name the webhook something descriptive such as "Media Alpha Webhook 72544"  and update your campaign.



Step 7) Apply the new Media Alpha buyer to your campaign routing settings:

Scroll to the routing settings on your campaign edit screen, and place in your new buyer once you are ready to go live:



For more information on Retreaver Webhook Templates, view our support guide:

Retreaver Webhook Configurator Support Guide

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